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Brewsky’s Drive Thru & Pizza

Less than 2 months after #chodeats was created my wife and I were invited to visit Gary & Shannon Morlen, owners of Brewsky’s Drive-Thru & Pizza. They have been there for us at every turn and we would like to say Thank You for all you do! P.S. Brewsky’s is still one of my favorite pizza places.
Here was my very first restaurant review:
July 18, 2019. My review of Brewsky’s Pizza & Drive Thru in Newark Ohio. First, let me say that the owners and the staff are amazing and stepped out of the normal routine to host my wife and me on a tasting and tour of their establishment. The Kitchen was spotless and everything looked very sanitary. We had quite the spread of food prepared, stromboli, bone-in wings, boneless wings, tater skins, all the way pizza, and a Buffalo chicken ranch pizza. Everything was delicious although I’m not a chicken-type person Jodi loved everything chicken and I loved everything else, the pizza crust is amazing my favorite type Cracker Crust. Oh, how I loved the cannolis. Highly recommend. And don’t forget when you order to tell them #chodeats sent ya.

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