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Chod Expo

What We Do

We can create content, offers, and lists that engage people in our community.
There's something for any business.

Got a question?  Just ask us!



Our Facebook Audience Is Growing!

We have a fast-growing community of foodies in our Facebook group.


Advertising Options

Social Shoutouts + List Building + Guaranteed Reach + More!

Affiliate Marketing

Do you have a product that our community would love?  We will test it and share the love!


Would you like to be featured on our billboard with other local vendors?  Ask us how!


Let's work together at creating a special event to showcase your establishment.

Sponsored Ads

Would you like to be a part of our monthly newsletter that goes out to our subscribers?  We can feature your ad and drive traffic to you!

Social Media Exposure

Looking for us to promote your establishment live in our group?  We would love to feature you in a video!

Work with us!

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